Vote for Terri on the Democratic ballot February 23, 2021!

The Rockford aldermanic campaigns are started. Hopefully, not too much mud-slinging will be involved! What is most important (right up there with getting true representation for the 11th Ward) is to make sure each citizen has the ability to register and vote in a safe and secure atmosphere. So, here’s the low-down on municipal elections.

Mail-in voting, early voting, and same-day voting are still available, just like in November 2020. The first election will be the primary election, Tuesday, February 23, 2021, where each major party asks voters to decide which candidate represents them best. Then there is a general election in April, where the alderman will be selected by the voters.

Here’s the catch: Only Democrats are running in the 11th Ward, so the contest is only in the primary election…

We want to make that very clear. In the general election no Republicans filed petitions for 11th Ward alderman. You can write-in a name for office, but, by state law, bonafide write-in candidates must pre-register. Only those names are allowed. Welcome to Illinois!

Make sure your registration to vote is solid. If you move, change your name, are released from prison, whatever, check your registration status with the Rockford Board of Elections, 301 South Sixth Street (at Second Avenue), Rockford. Many groups are happy to register you, such as NAACP, The League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford, The State of Illinois’ on-line form, many churches, temples, and mosques. If you can’t find anyone to register you, contact us. We can do it.

As you go around town and, especially as you vote, be sure to wear a mask, socially distance yourself, and use that hand sanitizer. You deserve a virtual hug!

The Friends of Terri Schierer are fans of good government and foes of voter suppression! If you are, too, we could use your help.